The first thing that you want to do when trying to make foam is the pour the beer into a glass. You want it to be at about 45 degrees and not too fast, otherwise, your beer will overflow. The next step is pouring in some yeast or sugar for carbonation. After this, put a spoonful of malt extract on top and then shake it up until all of the ingredients are mixed together. Now you can add more water if needed and then cover with aluminum foil before placing in fridge overnight without opening as this creates CO2 which makes the bubbles inside expand quickly when you open it tomorrow!   As soon as you open it, take out a straw so that your beer doesn’t become flat again and enjoy it!

  1. Start by boiling the water and adding sugar, stir occasionally
  2. Add malt extract to the mixture and stir well
  3. Pour in your hops and boil for 10 minutes until it reaches a desired color
  4. Take out of heat and cool before transferring to fermenter
  5. Use yeast that is appropriate for your type of beer (lager or ale) when you are ready to brew
  6. Make sure to seal fermenter with an airlock so no oxygen gets in during fermentation process