Nothing beats upcycling your old craft beer equipment into appealing home décor pieces. Whether you upcycle a coffee table, a chandelier made from wine bottles or recycled cardboard chairs, you’ll get lost in your new interior space.

When celebrating the International Beer Day or simply want to create a brew-centric space in your home, you can repurpose craft beer equipment. You can create a functional beer zone from where you and your friends can enjoy cold drinks from the comfort of your home.

You can also decorate your space with repurposed beer items to show off your love for beer.

Designate a rec room or space in your basement for your beer zone or create a beer-themed interior space for a rustic, warm touch.

For instance, you can install custom-shelving near your brewing kettles in the kitchen or hang brewery label art on your living room walls to add a vintage touch. Here’re a few ways to repurpose old craft beer items into functional and decorative pieces:

5 Ways to Decorate Your Beer Themed Interior Space

  1. Hideout hops

A lot of equipment and supplies go into brewing beer. Tuck your kettles behind glass-front barn doors set to keep your bar zone tidy. It’s also an excellent way to showcase your extensive brewing setup.

Properly ventilate your space if indulging in home-brewing, and make it easy to clean.

Consider low-maintenance colored concrete floor for your basement brewpub. Install easy-to-clean tiles behind your equipment for brewing at the far end of your beer bar.

With the colored concrete floor, you’re guaranteed warm interior space with an industrial feel. Build a hidden pantry behind your barn door for keeping your brewing supplies and additional beer, including a larger refrigerator.

  1. An inspiration-filled Frosty Mug

Beer-inspired room, all-out home breweries, or basement brewpubs, are increasingly in demand among homeowners. Scenes of craft beer have grown significantly, popping almost everywhere.

The availability of distinct locally-crafted brews has made it possible to personalize your interior space with a beer or bar space.

Custom taps, storage, artwork, Edison bulb pendants, well-stocked beer fridges, and a separate workspace for brewing configured to the functional use of your space (brewing, entertaining, and enjoying beers) can create unique, rustic, industrial and home brewery bar.

You can personalize your space with a custom build, developing a unique homeowners’ label, designated room, and hobby.

  1. Detailed draft

Instead of a foam-topped draft beer pint, install a custom tap system for a home bar that feels real. Depending on your available space, the number of kegs you want to add, and how often you’ll utilize them, the installation can be labor-intensive or straightforward.

Consider four taps, two for pouring rotating local craft favorites, and the other two for your home brews. A tap system is made up of a refrigerator to keep your drinks cold, a tap, a beer keg, and a carbon dioxide (CO2)-dispensing canister to keep your beer bubbly.

You have to cut openings in your countertops to attach each CO2 regulator and kegerator to each tap. Only opt for a DIY approach if your countertop is made of wood or a material that’s easy to drill, eliminating the need for a built-in system.

If you’re a true beer fan, you’ll love a playful antler-handled system in place of a keg and its corresponding parts. Although it takes up some space, the detail could be your favorite.

Make sure you understand how your chosen tap system works to keep its contents fresh. Learn how to adjust the carbon dioxide source, how much of it is required, etc. Taps and beer lines must stay clean at all times to prevent sugar and yeast buildup.

Your system will need less maintenance if you use it often. The converse is also true.

You’ll need the right protective gear when working on your detailed draft. For instance, a welding jacket offers protection for your chest. Make sure it has an easy-to-reach interior pocket to keep your small essentials.

You may also need a plasma cutter when cutting openings on your countertop. Note that the best cutter requires compressed air to function optimally.

  1. Cap Your Bar Off

You can transform your beer-centric space with creative custom details from standard to exceptional. If you have a large collection of beer bottle caps (let’s say three buckets of 1-gallon capacity each), use them to build an attractive backsplash at the back of your bar.

Tucked behind your bar, you can mount over 700 caps on reclaimed wood beams and add a coat of clear epoxy over them for a glossy finish.

The detail is unexpected and nothing overwhelming. It can be the centerpiece in your beer bar, catching the attention of everyone that walks by it.

Wall artwork is another great way to showcase a legendary or realistic scene in your beer area.

Seek home inspiration from a display of craft beer brands with interesting, colorful graphics and labels. Add a vintage beer sign and curated growlers collection for a rustic look.

Use beer labels and logos as artwork for a fun beer theme to keep up with the trending craft beer craze. You can also use references to regional histories such as vertical windows or a salvaged antique fire door with your town’s name on it to pay tribute to your city’s old commercial buildings.

  1. Bar-(par)ty Time

If you’re looking for more entertainment flexibility, combine your brewery or beer bar area with a larger space for recreation.

Determine who’ll be using your beer bar to shape its feel and flow accordingly. With the largest number of guests, how will your space function?

Do you want a TV visible from your beer bar? What seating capacity do you want? Is the bar only for drinks, or do you need a kitchenette somewhere behind it?

You can also upcycle a wine barrel into an indoor dog house with carved mini windows in the shape of paws. Repurpose left-over wine bottles into tumblers, planters, cutlery, or appealing decorative pieces.

Alternatively, upcycle large steel drums into beautiful furniture in varying finishes, colors, and designs.