Craft beers come in all kinds of shapes, colors, flavors, and types. With hundreds of craft breweries in the U.S, you have the choice of picking your favorite type. It’s possible that craft breweries are only 5 miles apart.

No two craft breweries make similar beer. I brew special craft beer using unique ingredients only specific to my beer.

Types of Craft Beer

Some common types of craft beer include:

⦁ Vienna lager – pale- to medium-amber in color, easy to drink and light in flavor. Commonly brewed in Mexican and Vienna breweries, the craft beer has low alcoholic content (4.5 to 5.5%).

⦁ American lager – crisp, light, and clean due to low malt or hop content. Golden- or straw-colored and has less than 5% alcohol. It’s perfect to bring with you when going camping, fishing, or kayaking.

⦁ German pilsner – brewed with malt but has a sweet taste with a mild hop bitterness. It’s crisp, refreshing and has less than 5% alcoholic content.

⦁ Japanese rice lager – contains lots of rice for a light flavor. It has a dry signature finish perfect for pairing with sushi. Its alcohol content ranges from 4 to 6.5%.

⦁ Helles – sweet, light-colored with a mild spicy hop pinch and malt-bread-like character. It has about 5.5% alcohol.