Why I Love Brewing Crafts Beer


Craft beer tastes better than other brews.
As a craft beer brewer, I spend lots of quality time brewing premium beer. Unlike companies behind mass produced brews, I don’t spend time on marketing campaigns.

I enjoy brewing beer, hence use high quality ingredients into every can of craft beer I brew. I don’t use short cuts but put my entire soul and heart in brewing craft beer.

I choose to brew better tasting beer. I choose craft beer.

⦁ Up to 40% Alcohol


Unlike other drinks, craft beer is packed with more alcohol. The beer I brew contains anything from 5% to 40% alcohol. This depends on the type of craft beer I brew.

⦁ Stronger, full-flavored craft beer translates to less bathroom visits


Unlike other beer alternatives, you don’t have to visit the bathroom countless times after drinking your favorite brew. Drinking a can or two of stronger craft beer with full flavor is quenching and satisfying.


Therefore, you don’t have to empty your bladder frequently. I like that you don’t have to worry about visiting the bathroom even when you don’t feel like it.